Clear Lines Festival

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An AMAZING lineup at CLEAR LINES Festival next week, make sure you head down. It’s free!

Clear Lines Festival brings together comedians, performers, journalists, writers, visual artists, cartoonists, psychologists, activists, therapists, and the public in a vibrant, very human exploration of themes around sexual abuse, sexual violence, and consent.

Festival highlights include:

• Activists from Southall Black Sisters, Femme Fierce and the #thisdoesntmeanyes campaign discussing the use of creativity in challenging sexual violence

• Journalists from the BBC and Telegraph debating media coverage of sexual assault, and how reporting can be improved

• Screenings of the BAFTA-nominated ‘The Unspeakable Crime: Rape’ and Emmy-nominated documentary ‘Brave Miss World’, followed by director Q&As

• A stellar line-up of comedians poking fun at some of our cultural attitudes about rape and sexuality, including Josie-Long, Sarah Kendall and Tiff Stevenson

• Discussion of revenge porn and online harassment by experts from the international law firm McAllister Olivarius

It’s the UK’s first-ever festival of this kind, and we have an ambitious and exciting programme. Everyone is welcome to attend.  Most events are free but booking is required as space is limited.

Festival programme

Book tickets

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“You’re gorgeous, did your mother ever tell you that?”

New submission from CR

I walked into Tesco and the security guard approached me and said “you’re gorgeous, did your mother ever tell you that” in a very leery way

I said “Excuse me what did you just say? Could you NOT talk to me like that” quite cross

He replied “Errrrr I’m only joking love” and walked off.

It was quite loud and I think other people in the shop/staff would have witnessed.

I went to buy some food but decided not to then and walked out.

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I take care of myself

New submission from Saara

I was walking to the station after work and stopped to text a friend, when a guy came and asked for directions. He then said that he didn’t want directions and said
‘I think you look niiiiiiice. ‘
Me: ok
Him: Who’s taking care of you then……….?
Me: I take care of myself

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12 days until #hollaREV – check out the latest additions!







Happening at:   Amnesty Human Rights Action Centre, New Inn Yard, EC2A 3EA on June 23rd from 6-9pm.
Confirmed speakers and performers include :

– Laura Bates from Everyday Sexism Project

– Emily May, executive director of HollaBack! 

Bisi Alimi, world renowned LGBT/HIV activist

 Susuana AntubamNUS National Women’s Officer, discussing the fight against sexual violence on campus

–  Samayya Afzal, UBU Women’s Liberation Officer on Muslim Women’s perspectives of Street Harassment

– A speaker from the Sex Worker Open University on Stigma in the Streets, Worker’s Rights between the Sheets: Sex workers in public space

– Hollaback! site leaders from around the world putting these issues into local context, from the Bahamas to New Orleans and beyond!

– Bryony Beynon and Julia Gray, discussing five years of Hollaback London, their advisory work on Project Guardian and the Good Night Out Campaign

– A one-off special interactive musical performance from Richard Phoenix and Jennifer Calleja of London post-punk band Sauna Youth

Facebook event FREE TICKETS Hashtag: #hollarev




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Holla: Revolution – global street harassment conference – is coming to London 23rd June!

On June 23rd, let’s take the conversation to the next level at the first ever international HOLLA::Revolution event in London!


This evening event kindly hosted at the Amnesty International Human Rights Centre will see leading thinkers and activists in the field expand the definitions of street harassment and discuss what each of us can, and is doing, do to create real on-the-ground change in our communities.

Join us!

Confirmed speakers and performers include:::

– Laura Bates from Everyday Sexism,
– Emily May, executive director of HollaBack!
– Susuana Antubam, NUS National Women’s Officer
– Hollaback! site leaders from around the world putting issues in their local context, from the Bahamas to New Orleans and beyond!
– Bryony Beynon and Julia Gray, discussing Hollaback London, our advisory work on Project Guardian and the Good Night Out Campaign

A one off special interactive musical performance from Richard Phoenix and Jennifer Calleja of Sauna Youth

+ Lots more!

Tickets are free for students/youth eighteen and under, reserve one here:

Tickets for adults/organisations are pay what you can (donations can be given at the door).

Any questions about the event can be sent to: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you there and for a drink afterwards!

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It sickens me that men think that they can intimidate women so easily, it’s almost like second nature to them.

New submission from Ruby

So this happened a few weeks back, in a street not far from Covent Garden.
Myself and my 3 best friends (we are all 17) were walking back around 11.30 and decided to cut through a street to get to the bus stop. The street was fairly narrow and there wasn’t really anyone about but ourselves. As we got half way down the street a group of 4 guys were walking towards us (about the same age, maybe a year or two older). We didn’t think anything of it and just continued to walk along, as they approached they decided to stand and block our path, seeing as it was a narrow street, this was possible, and one said “Alright ladies! Where we off to, want to come with us?”. We pushed pass them and ran out of the street. Although there was no verbal harassment it was still very frightening. It sickens me that men think that they can intimidate women so easily, it’s almost like second nature to them.

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He said “say thank you” and then louder “SAY THANK YOU!”

New submission from Mary Ellen

Just now on campus, an older man came up behind me and said “I like how you walk” I turned around startled and he repeated “I like the way you are walking”. I muttered thanks under my breath, hoping he would walk away, but I guess he didn’t hear me because he said “say thank you” and then louder “SAY THANK YOU!” I stared him down and didn’t say a word, even though I was scared of his aggressive attitude.

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“‘That’s right, I said it for no f*cking reason…”

New submission from Lucy

Walking out of Tesco, very tall man in the aisle next to man looked at me and said ‘fucking white bitch’, I say ‘excuse me?’ and he responded with ‘you’re a fucking white bitch’ I start to walk away, he leans out of the store to say ‘that’s right I said it for no fucking reason you fucking white cunt.’ Nice!

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