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Be part of Hollaback London – Volunteers needed

***UPDATE: If you’ve already been in touch in the last few months, drop us a line if you’re still interested***

Hollaback London was founded in 2010 by two volunteers, Bryony and Julia, and continues to be run by them, with the support of a bigger team of other more casual volunteers. As our project grows, our team needs to grow with it, this is where you come in! 

Hollaback London has two strands, our online presence in the form of our website, social media and smart phone app, and our outreach and advisory work through which we run campaigns, workshops and advise public and private sector organisations on ending harassment. 

We are looking to expand our casual volunteer team to support the running of this project, undertaking day to day tasks such as managing the website, wo/manning our social media outlets, updating our press page, responding to enquiries, representing Hollaback London at events, supporting the Directors in producing resources, conducting research and data entry. We are looking for a minimum three month commitment of involvement, mostly online work only with occasional evening meetings, but you’re welcome to get as involved as you have time to be! We’re always seeking to expand our website and are keen to offer you opportunities to develop any specific projects that you might be interested in. Hollaback London is for all Londoners, as such we want your input, so this is also an opportunity to contribute to the movement. 

We are particularly interested in those who are interested in broadening their social media skills. 

What’s involved:
· To update and maintain the Hollaback London website’s main feed.
To read and if necessary edit submissions to the site, and publish them online, using a wordpress host. 
· To help update and manage Hollaback London’s social media channels. 
To maintain our social media presence by checking the HBL accounts, responding to enquiries, posting stories of interest, ensuring we’re staying abreast of news in the sector and researching and posting relevant information/news/posts.
· To research relevant writing for our ‘further reading’ page  
· To research relevant information and resources to add to a planned LGBT-specific resource page on our website  
· To update our press page  
· To update our resources page  

If you are interested and can offer a few hours a month or more, please email us on with the subject line ‘HollaVolla’ and your name, with: 

- A little bit about who you are
- Any relevant skills or experience you might have
- Why you want to be part of the global movement to end street harassment


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Leering, Verbal

a low, sleazy voice ‘that’s a lovely body you’ve got there’

New submission from Alison

I got 2 fillings this morning and my mouth has been aching all day. Not to mention this suffocating, clinging heat. On the way home from the train station I thought I’d buy myself a bar of chocolate to cheer myself up. I walked into the shop and a man who was at least fifty, said ‘Are you alright there?’. Confused about why he would need to know this, I said ‘Oh yes, I’m fine thanks’ and moved to walk past him at which point he leaned RIGHT into me and said in a low, sleazy voice ‘that’s a lovely body you’ve got there’. I shot back from him and said loudly ‘you don’t get to talk to me like that’. He looked at me as if I was mad. I continued ‘you DON’T talk to women like that. My body is none of your business’. I walked away, hot and furious. I heard him say ‘that’s not what I said’ and I shouted back ‘yes it is – I’m not deaf!’. No one in the shop came to my aid. After I’d stopped shaking and bought my chocolate bar I realised I was scared to leave the shop in case he was waiting for me. I called my sister on the walk home.

I've got your back!

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Rape threat, Verbal

a group of guys who looked about 18/20 approached me, said they would like to ‘fuck me senseless’

New submission from Noxin

Stood outside a shop waiting for my husband to buy something, a group of guys who looked about 18/20 approached me, said they would like to ‘fuck me senseless’ – then Walked away. I/any women should not have to feel the violation that I felt on the street tonight, or anywhere in the world. This is not acceptable and men like them walk around thinking they can get away with it.

I've got your back!

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Leering, Threat of violence, Train, Verbal

so he began again to threaten me this time he was going to strangle me with the straps of my rucksack.

New submission from Grace

Finished work for the day and ran from the office to the train, on the final leg of my journey I find myself on a packed train platform. This guy was being a letchy leery slimey g*t to a woman making comments on how she looked, what she was doing and what he wanted. She looks mortified and a little scared with what he was saying. So I decided to step in, I told him not to speak to her that way because it was inappropriate and rude. He replied by telling me “it would be different if you were also pretty but you’re f***ing ugly and should go for a jog, if you don’t shut the f**k up I am going to smash your face in”. He then went back to being leery and disgusting so again I told him to stop being childish and sexist so he began again to threaten me this time he was going to strangle me with the straps of my rucksack. This all being loud enough that people on the platform could hear. Not a soul on that platform stepped in or even checked if I or the girl were ok.

I've got your back!

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New Kathleen Hanna Riot Grrrl Documentary is out Friday! And we have some giveaways!!

So our friends at Dog Woof film distribution have kindly given us some awesome ‘Girls to the front’ shirts, bags and badges for some lucky HollabackLDNers in celebration of the release of the new documentary about Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and The Julie Ruin fame. Comment below or tweet us to be in with a chance, and do go along and see the film when it’s out. We were lucky enough to be invited along to a preview, and it’s pretty damn good, raw, inspiring and ahem..a little teary at times. It’s out this Friday 23rd May ’14, check out the trailer here follow the film on twitter here and check out the list of screenings here

A film by Sini Anderson
The Punk Singer
In UK Cinemas 23rd May 2014

“A terrific story” – Chicago Sun Times

“Beautiful and rousing!” – Entertainment Weekly

Sini Anderson’s film on legendary singer and front woman Kathleen Hanna is a must-see for anyone who grew up listening to her bands Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, but the film is also a tribute to a woman whose daring on stage and off shook the music world and created a new feminist movement. Dogwoof is proud to release The Punk Singer to UK audiences 23 May 2014.

Crashing into the US Punk/Indie music scene in the 1990s with her unique voice, audacious and confrontational lyrics, and authoritative stage presence, Kathleen Hanna and the bands she fronted, first Bikini Kill and then later the electro punk Le Tigre, were a figures head for a cultural movement that put girls firmly to the front. She railed against the sexism in the music scene and spearheaded the feminist Riot Grrrl movement through gigs, music and zines, but then in 2005 she stopped shouting and withdrew from public life.

Exploring her retreat, director Sini Anderson uses interviews with Hanna cut in with footage and music from the bands, as well as interviews with fellow musicians including Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, Adam Horowitz from the Beastie Boys and Joan Jett, to create a fascinating portrait of a unique and revolutionary artist.

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I was on my way home from school when a man pinched my vagina

I was on my way home from school when a man in his 40s walked past me and brushed past my vagina. I assumed this was an accident because this has never happened to me and I never think about being groped. But then just as I was walking towards the bus, I could see, from the corner of his eyes he was following me, stopping when I stopped and moving when I moved. He then ‘queued’ to get on the bus until he turned around, and groped my vagina, pinching it twice before leaving. I was absolutely disgusted, I feel so frustrated and ashamed that I didn’t even do anything. I’m just wondering if no one actually saw him groping me seeing as this happened in front of a packed bus in a busy, public street. Now I’m always cautious when I see men staring at me or walking past me, it certainly did have a huge impact on my confidence to go outside by myself.

I've got your back!

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Bus, Leering, Verbal

I picked up pace, held the keys in my hand

New submission from Vicky

On Friday I was getting home on a late bus. As the bus was stopping I twisted my ankle going down the stairs and several people noticed. I got out of the bus and hobbled along, trying to see whether I had actually sprained it (it hurt!). This guy was eyeing me and lingering behind, slowing down to get behind me. I picked up pace, held the keys in my hand and stopped hobbling. As I went passed him he said something along the lines of “beautiful”

I've got your back!

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Jogging, Street, Verbal

‘shake that ass beautiful’

New submission from Sam

Was just heading back to my department after a jog this morning (so in sweaty workout gear). Literally got wolf whistled down the road. There’s a few workmen at the working site right next to the station. Did not feel like confronting them as there were three. Suffice to say, ‘shake that ass beautiful’, ‘f**k baby just look at me’ at 9:30am was not a great start to the day.

I've got your back!

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