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The man unzipped his trousers and tried to show me his penis

New submission from Sarah

I was walking home from Devon’s Road at around 8pm when a man who was intoxicated  came up to me and tried to talk to me. I wear my headphones at all times to avoid this, so didn’t hear well what he said. I turned around and the man unzipped his trousers and tried to show me his penis but I looked away quickly. An oncoming man saw what happened and screamed at the man for what he had done and said. These things should not happen to anyone. Now if I’m to walk home I know this will happen again.

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He followed me shouting abuse that he would kill me

New submission from Tess

I was coming back from seeing friends in Crouch End, and got off the bus at Rectory Road. As soon as I got off the bus a man in his thirties began harassing me, telling me to stop and talk to him and not walk past him. I turned to him and said no, and carried on walking. He followed me shouting abuse that he would kill me, that he would track me down. I was scared, and saw a small group walking across the street and asked if I could join them. He continued to follow us telling them he would ‘rape their ladies’. It was horrible, totally unnecessary, and very aggressive.

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I have never been worried about walking in my neighbourhood, until now.

New submission from Weaselbear

After jogging all the way home from Victoria the other evening I was feeling pretty happy with myself as I started cooling down by walking the final 3 minutes home. As I turned onto my street a man started following me, moving very close and whispering in my ear to stop and talk to him. He did this for a couple of minutes, I kept my head down and walked faster but I was getting worried. Thankfully another man walked out of a side street and I ran towards him. As I turned around my stalker looked back at me before running around the corner. I phoned the police and they told me that I did the right thing by ignoring him and phoning them immediately. They went to search for him but my description was crap and I doubt they found anyone. I have never been worried about walking in my neighbourhood, until now.

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I haven’t been to a club in seven years because of the persistent sexual harassment

New submission from Kate

I was just listening to an interview with one of the Hollaback Co founders on BBC World Service, discussing the issues women face in bars and clubs, and it saddened me to realise that I haven’t been to a club in seven years because of the persistent sexual harassment that I and my friends would experience. I am 28 now, but in my teenage years I was like any other young music enthusiast, and would enjoy dancing in clubs, especially drum and bass. For my 21st birthday me and my friends went to Fabric to see an awesome set of Chemical Brothers and Metronomy. Unfortunately we were disturbed every time we tried to dance by men grabbing at us, and even trips to the toilets became perilous as men would try to actually pull at our arms towards them. We were with a few male friends, who spent most of the night making sure we weren’t being harassed, or telling men to leave us alone. Clearly most of the men who were perpetrating these attacks were high on drugs, but it’s not an excuse to ignore a woman who is clearly distressed and pleading to be left alone. Also, ecstasy is known for producing profound relational empathy with others, so I cannot see this as a causal factor.
Eventually we left after one man became obsessed with following one of my friends around. In the morning I vowed never to go clubbing again after looking at the bruises on my arms sustained by incessant pulling and dragging. I love drum and bass and electronic dance music but sadly it attracts a ‘gropey’ crowd and since this wasn’t an isolated incident and actually one of many, I just don’t go to these nights anymore.

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“You’re looking gorgeous tonight”

I was walking alone to the bus stop in Old Street at about 12.30am when a man approached me and stated “You’re looking gorgeous tonight”, followed by a revolting sound.

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It’s been a busy few weeks here at Hollaback London HQ!

Since launching our Good Night Out campaign nearly three weeks ago, it’s been pretty non stop here! So we thought we’d fill you in on what we’ve been up to, as well as what we’ve got coming up.

• Lots of interviews! Head over to our press page where we’re adding all the press coverage we’ve had for the campaign.
• We were interviewed by Dan Damon for BBC World Service’s World Update show today, which will air tomorrow morning 27/3 at 10am, and we’ll be on Reprezent Radio tomorrow at 8pm talking about the campaign.
• This week we’re contributing to some research called ‘How can nonviolent grassroots networks transform insecurity?’ being carried out by Bristol University’s Global Insecurities Centre. Read more on that here.
• Last week we attended a Dalston PubWatch meeting where we spoke about Good Night Out and are working with a handful more signatories-keep an eye on the Good Night Out page to see the list grow!
• We’ve been contacted by a number of activists across the UK and Ireland keen to roll out Good Night Out in their cities, and we’re working with them to make this happen!
• We took part in Wowzers Fest at LSE, a feminist-run weekend of workshops in honour of International Women’s Day. We facilitated a great workshop on street harassment and focussed on what we can do as bystanders to look out for each other.
• Next week we’re being interviewed by Hackney Wick’s WI for East London Radio and doing a staff briefing for a new London venue called Shapes.
• We’ve taken on a couple of extra pairs of hands and are now working with two absolutely wonderful volunteers, Rebecca and Hannah who we’ll introduce you to very soon!

Are we tired? Nope! Next week March 30th-April 5th is International Anti Street Harassment Week and to celebrate, with support from The End Violence Against Women Coalition we’ve teamed up with Rape Crisis South London for a week long photo project! We’re calling it London Landmarks against Street Harassment, and it’s super easy to get involved! Using the hashtag #londonloves take a photo of your favourite hollaback or message of support, in front of your favourite London landmark. Scrawl it on a bit of paper, type it on your phone, write it on your forehead-whatever! And upload it on the site, on the Facebook event here or Tweet or Instagram it to us @hollabackldn We’ll then send them over to the folks behind Meet Us On The Streets, and they’ll share it on the main site. See the pic below for inspiration, and don’t forget to tell all your friends!

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your girlfriend’s jelly is making me hard, can I rape her?

New submission from Niki

This happened to me last night at around 9pm (25/03) near my flat.
I was walking home from dinner with my boyfriend at around 9pm having a perfectly normal conversation and minding our own business.
As we neared our front door, two guys who were hanging out of a window of a nearby flat (being really obnoxious and aggressive to everyone who passed by) started shouting at me and directing comments towards my boyfriend also.
The classic “nice arse shame about the face” was used – how original! – but also “your girlfriend’s jelly is making me hard, can I rape her?” at the time i ignored it and walked on, partly because I felt they were trying to get a reaction out of my boyfriend as much as me but as time goes on I feel angrier and angrier that I didn’t stop, take a picture or stand up for myself.
It’s not only that it mAkes you feel humiliated and objectified but the fact that I felt My appearance was being used as bait to provoke a reaction out of my partner. The fact that it happened near my house has also unsettled me a lot, as I usually feel safe walking around my are at night.
What a tiresome world we live in.

I've got your back!

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He drove past and shouted something about my ass and made dog barking sounds.

New submission from Lili

25/03/14 about 8:20 Walking to work down Murray St towards Camden Rd I had my ipod in but it didn’t mask the shouting and whooping of a creep in a company van (I wish I’d thought to take a photo) who leaned out of his window as he drove past and shouted something about my ass and made dog barking sounds. At this I just pulled a kind of “er, what….?” face and squinted and shrugged. They were still at the end of the road waiting to be let out when I passed them again and the skinny oik in mid 20′s with a shaven head shouted something about getting in the van with him (still was listening to the LOTR soundtrack *don’t judge* and could’t hear too well) I just replied really dismissively and scornfully “You’re a f**king loser, get a life!” and got a long silence from them as I turned and walked past a bus stop full of people he shouted something again and made dog sounds, its rare in London to make eye contact with people on the street but a few of them glanced at me and threw the creep a proper judgement eye!

I still feel awesome now :)

I've got your back!

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