White Winter Catcall by Meredith Gran

We came across this rad new submission-based Tumblr – Microaggressions.

Like Hollaback, it’s a safe online space for people to recount their everyday interactions and discuss how that made them feel.

The term ‘Microaggression’ was originally coined in reference to interactions around race, but the interactions on the Tumblr speak to every kind of socially constructed identity (e.g. sexuality, class, religion, or education level.)

It was founded by David Zhou and Vivian Lu, students at Columbia University. Their powerful intro sums up the project well:

“This project is a response to “it’s not a big deal” – “it” is a big deal.  ”it” is in the everyday.  ”it” is shoved in your face when you are least expecting it.  ”it” happens when you expect it the most.  ”it” is a reminder of your difference.  ”it” enforces difference.  ”it” can be painful.  ”it” can be laughed off.  ”it” can slide unnoticed by either the speaker, listener or both.  ”it” can silence people.  ”it” reminds us of the ways in which we and people like us continue to be excluded and oppressed.  ”it” matters because these relate to a bigger “it”: a society where social difference has systematic consequences for the “others.”

but “it” can create or force moments of dialogue.”

That moment of dialogue is what we’re all after. Many forms of street harassment can be viewed as an instance of microaggression, off the cuff, everyday comments that are inversely proportionate to the outrage and anger they cause in the person on the recieving end of another wolf whistle, another instruction to ‘Smile!’  Check it out here.

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