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St. James's
September 12, 2017

“I was in pain and mortified”

I was walking to meet my boyfriend for lunch at a park, dressed in black trousers, a white top and black blazer. Coming in the opposite direction was a middle aged man with a golf umbrella. I was using my phone at the time but had spotted him ahead of me and knew where I was walking and that the pavement had enough space for the two of us to…
September 3, 2017

“I felt so tiny in that…

Today I learned the word 'gunt'. I’m not entirely sure what it means, but I heard it from the chefs who work in the canteen I serve at. They were sitting in the corner of the room, cackling and whispering to each other while I wiped down the tables. I could only hear snippets of their conversation, but I learned that they would like to do some distinctly horrible things…
September 1, 2017

“I can’t have been older than…

I can't have been older than 13 the first time I was touched by a man in the street. As I crossed the road he reached out to grope my crotch. It was so brazen I was convinced I had made a mistake. I stood frozen at the other size of the street for a good few seconds. Unfortunately this was my initiation into the world of unwanted attention and…


Hollaback London and Women Only Carriages

Last week we had a series of press requests about the comments made by Chris Williamson around women only carriages.  At Hollaback London we consequently feel it important that we respond to these comments, to ensure that the voices of those who share stories onto our site are heard. Tweeting on 22/08, Williamson noted that … Continued


Call Out for our creative action   This month at Hollaback London we are launching a big August call out for stories to be used as part of an exciting Creative Direct Action in public space. Please share this post far and wide. Use our app, use our website, tell your friends, tell your neighbours, … Continued

Hollaback London Collective action meet up!

Come along to the second Hollaback London Collective meeting – an action meet up! HB Ldn’s been working to combat street harassment since 2010 and we expanded into a collective in 2016 to make sure we can have even bigger impact than ever before. This Action meet up is an informal meeting and way for … Continued