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Wood Green
April 19, 2017

I asked if they thought they…

New Submission from Tam Two young men walked towards me aggressively as I walked alone on Wood Green High Street. One kicked a bag of rubbish at me. I stopped and asked if they thought they were big trying to scare a woman walking alone, and that they should be ashamed, especially as it was International Women's Day. One came towards me arms outstretched and said 'Sorry, let me give…
April 14, 2017

I got off the bus and…

New Submission from Bella A man sat next to me on the bus. He rubbed himself against me. I was shut into the corner. I assumed he was just manspreading and told myself it was okay. I got off the bus and he followed me home. I called my sister who was heading home at the same time. As I was walking down the road I unpicked a wedgie -…
April 14, 2017

“I am so tired of having…

New Submission from Bella Walking down the road, two guys behind me. One of them shouted 'Hey sexy legs'. I turned round and shouted for them to Fuck off. (Maybe not the most calm response but I am so tired of having this every day.) One of the men proceeded to get EXTREMELY aggressive, saying it wasn't him, I was a fucking idiot, do I think he wants to fuck…


Statement of Support for Pagan Lilley Motlagh-Phillps

Yesterday the Evening Standard shared with London the story Pagan Lilley Motlagh-Phillps. The telling of her powerful story is so important and we commend this paper for telling it – more importantly we want to acknowledge Pagan’s strength in speaking out. Her experience of harassment reminds us to respect survivors and their survival mechanisms. So … Continued

Statement in Support of SRENow

Last month, The Everyday Sexism Project and the End Violence Against Women Coalition launched their #SRENow campaign, and Hollaback London would like to state our full support for their call to make Sex and Relationships Education compulsory in all schools. We believe every child deserves simple, clear information about their rights, consent, and healthy relationships. … Continued

The Night Tube

This weekend brought with it the launch of London’s Night Tube. Many of you may well have been excited about this, and we were too, but you may also have felt anxious about travelling on the Tube late at night. We wanted to let you know that this feeling is normal and you are not … Continued