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February 2, 2021


I was walking at a brisk pace to the tube station, rounding the corner of Hammersmith Rd across from St. Paul's at 19:20 on a Tuesday, when a man came up to me from behind, touched my arm and asked "Where are you from?" I whipped my head around to look at him and asked why he was asking. "I think you are sexy" - I was wearing a zipped…
January 17, 2021


Out on my morning run, minding my own business when a car full of men decided to honk at me and shout abusive things. I am so bored of being harassed when I'm simply trying to live my life. It really makes me feel like giving up on running all together.
January 3, 2021

PUBLIC HARASSMENT: [Verbal threat]

White, young man with an English accent shouted "excuse me" after me. I was going to ignore him. Then he pretended to ask for directions to Hackney. I pointed a direction. Then asked me if I'm single and started walking towards me. I asked him to stop harassing me. He continued inching closer while I was waiting to cross, continuously and threateningly repeating he was going to either bust my…


Misogyny as a Hate Crime?

Today MPs will debate again on whether upskirting should be a crime – and in doing so they will also vote on a proposed amendment that would make misogyny an aggravating factor in these criminal cases in England and Wales; a move that would allow courts to consider misogyny when passing sentences. If approved,  some … Continued

Hollaback! London – 16 Days of Creative Action to Fight Harassment

HOLLABACK! LONDON 16 DAYS OF CREATIVE ACTION TO FIGHT SEXUAL HARASSMENT As part of the 16 days of action to end violence against women Hollaback! London will be sharing stories of sexual harassment in public spaces around London. To do this we have teamed up with a series of INCREDIBLE ARTISTS to transform the words … Continued

Hollaback London and Women Only Carriages

Last week we had a series of press requests about the comments made by Chris Williamson around women only carriages.  At Hollaback London we consequently feel it important that we respond to these comments, to ensure that the voices of those who share stories onto our site are heard. Tweeting on 22/08, Williamson noted that … Continued