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August 11, 2017

“He asked me if I wanted…

As I was walking to Brixton station at about 5am this morning, a man in a parked car started to drive slowly alongside me, shouting for my attention. He asked me if I wanted to 'get in his car and make some money'. I told him to f*** off but was then suddenly quite aware that it was dark and I was on my own. I called my boyfriend so…
August 9, 2017

“It was super intimidating”

I was on the top deck of the bus listening to music when two men got on arguing loudly enough I could hear them over my music and sat behind me. I turned my music off because I already felt very uncomfortable and after a few minutes I heard one say to the other "Watch and learn". He then came and sat in the seat right next to me (there…
August 8, 2017

Sexually Harassed by Another Cyclist –…

I was sexually harassed by another cyclist while riding to work. He came up behind me, and groped my bottom. He rode off after I swore at him. I couldn't quite believe his audacity. Feeling very angry.



Call Out for our creative action   This month at Hollaback London we are launching a big August call out for stories to be used as part of an exciting Creative Direct Action in public space. Please share this post far and wide. Use our app, use our website, tell your friends, tell your neighbours, … Continued

Hollaback London Collective action meet up!

Come along to the second Hollaback London Collective meeting – an action meet up! HB Ldn’s been working to combat street harassment since 2010 and we expanded into a collective in 2016 to make sure we can have even bigger impact than ever before. This Action meet up is an informal meeting and way for … Continued

Statement of Support for Pagan Lilley Motlagh-Phillps

Yesterday the Evening Standard shared with London the story Pagan Lilley Motlagh-Phillps. The telling of her powerful story is so important and we commend this paper for telling it – more importantly we want to acknowledge Pagan’s strength in speaking out. Her experience of harassment reminds us to respect survivors and their survival mechanisms. So … Continued