Runaway creep

New submission from Lucy Carter

I was running this Sunday morning. I ran past a man on a bench, who looked quite peaceful. He shouted out “you have a moist pussy”. I was really surprised – it came from nowhere, and I found myself shouting back “You’re a cunt”. He said again “you have a moist wet pussy” and I told him he had a really small cock.

I ran on round a corner and then stopped. Although I hadn’t been scared, that was just lucky; other women might have been. And anyway, it’s just not OK. So I rang the police (I had my phone with me because it has a running app on it that I was using). I think he heard me, because when I turned round and looked, he was running away. While still on the phone to the police, I ran after him for a while. They told me not to chase him, so I stopped (there was no-one else around anyway). But it was extremely gratifying to see him suddenly have to run away from ME. He didn’t look fit: it was obviously an effort, and a total surprise for him. Ha.