Pay for Club entry, get groped for free!

t’s 6am on New Years day and I’m still awake (and sober) from the night before looking up my legal rights after being groped in a club by a nasty piece of work.

When I called out the guy with a “WTF??!”, he stared straight back at me and said “What…what are you going to do about it?”. Nice. Rapist in the making methinks.

Well I thought I’d let the bouncers know. The bouncer came back into the club with me and I pointed the guy out. Unfortunately, he was talking to another bouncer and all of a sudden my bouncer announced that he couldn’t do anything since he didn’t see anything himself. I mentioned that generally nobody ever witnesses a rape either. And that my friend who was right behind me witnessed everything. Still, he was unmoved.

I asked for his license number since I would be complaining to security regulators. All the bouncers refused to give me their names or their numbers. I spoke to a female club promoter… and she agreed to get their numbers for me. However, on speaking to the bouncers she also lamed out and said there was nothing she could do. Was very disappointed in her.

But I’m mainly angry at the bouncers as they told me more than once how I should expect to be groped when I go to a club. No, sorry, I don’t expect it. Don’t enjoy it. And as sure as hell am not going to let it slide without a fuss. Will be logging a sexual harrassment incident with police, and complaining to the SIA, the venue owners, and the club promoters about the bouncers. I’d gladly let the businesses know on their respective facebook pages if girls should know that groping comes part and parcel with their entrance fee.

3 responses to “Pay for Club entry, get groped for free!

  1. I think I might have been assaulted by the same guy!! (Or, more likely, they are all getting the same training). Guy who groped me violently in a club looked straight at me and said ‘What are you going to do about it?’)

  2. Wow… really hope you followed this up. I have heard such horror stories from friends about bouncers in certain clubs – even heard of a bouncer who raped a drunk girl in a club and got away with it coz all the other bouncers stood by him. Just shows it’s a slippery slope…

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