1+1, we need more men?

A friend and I were recently at The Monarch for Soundtracks night enjoying my last weekend in London before I jetted back home to Oz.

We had been inside less than 5 minutes before one “gentleman” had asked me if he could dance with my friend. Response – “you should probably ask her”. When her answer was in the negative we spent the rest of the evening enjoying arse gropes, crotch rubs and attempts to separate us in order to gain better access. Luckily my friend was wearing her ring/knuckleduster and I was in the mood for some big swings, floor crossing moves and full body launches so we managed to gain ourselves some personal space.

When two ladies are out having a nice time ‘together’ it’s not an invitation for every man in the joint to join in.

Watch out for the wandering hands at Soundtracks, but don’t let this disuade you from attending, it was a great night other than the detestable digits…

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