About 2 months ago as I was promoting my club night at a club which I also work at this guy groped me quite heavily as I walked past him. I turned around just in time to see him withdraw his hand and went up to ask what the fuck he was doing. He was quite drunk (I was completely sober) and just looked at me stupidly and said something on the lines of “What no it wasnt me” at the same time as he was laughing, I was seriously furious so I went to get the bouncers to get him kicked out.

He has been back in the club a couple of times since then and I haven’t really done anything about it although it has made me feel very uncomfortable, so last week as I was attending my friends night he was there again and I asked the bouncer to throw him out. The thing is that I feel bad about doing that, I feel like I was making a scene and that it was maybe unnecessary because he was drunk etc, it’s kind of ridiculous that I, being the harassed one should feel sorry for him, being a drunken moron… the social attitude towards harassment really needs changing, I really shouldn’t have to feel bad and like I am making a dramatic scene when he is the creepy scumbag perpetrator.

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  1. I think you’re awesome for following up on it! He wants to sexually harass people and use the pisspoor excuse of being drunk? He deserves to be kicked out repeatedly. Only this way will guys realise there are consequences to acting like animals.

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