If she has a nice ‘ass’ she needs to know…

So I was walking from home down to the station in Brixton when this guy walks deliberately right up next to me squishing me into the person I was walking past at the same time. Usually I listen to music so I can at least pretend not to hear these so called ‘compliments’, but having been on the phone I didn’t have enough time to put the plugs in my ears, and so of course I heard this guy complimenting my ‘ass’ and ‘mmm mmm’-ing as he sidles up with me.

I was in a feisty mood and snapped telling the guy to go away (can’t remember if I swore as it was last summer) but what scared me was how nasty he got. He was furious that I’d answered back and been “rude” to him when he was just complimenting me. Fear descending (having been told horror stories of girls getting slashed for being ‘rude’ and answering back) I apologised and spent the rest of the walk down in conversation with him.

Nothing serious happened but I just don’t see why I had spend my journey feeling uncomfortable, reasoning with this nasty little man who was telling me that women should accept it cause it’s nice: it’s a compliment and if she has a nice ‘ass’ she needs to know. I still hadn’t looked at him once in the hope to put him off, which he picked up on so begged and by the time I’d got down to the crossing I turned to look at him but I wish I hadn’t. His toothless prison-ragged (which he was proudly telling me about) kinda still haunts me. He kissed my hand and we finally parted ways. A gentlemanly gesture from a very un-chivalrous character.

But what gets my back up more than anything and makes my stomach turn: the kissing noises. Creepier than “compliments” or honking horns, that kissing noise is more personal and evocative it really really freaks me.

Please, we need to find away of making true the fairy tale that is a “true gentleman”.