Accepting submissions for issue 2 of our zine


We are looking for submissions for the second issue of our zine ‘Langdon Olgar’. We need words and artwork on a number of themes affecting the anti-sexism cause including but not limited to:
Street harassment (Of course!).
Sexism in everyday life.
Public spaces.
Women in media, women vs media.
Feminist movements.
Abortion policy.

These are just a few ideas but please feel free to send us some more at [email protected] PLEASE NOTE: we want submissions from contributors of all genders, this is not a female-only project, it is a keenly mixed-gender project!


3 responses to “Accepting submissions for issue 2 of our zine

  1. Let me first say something about my background and experiences-since you are offering ‘gender-open’ contributions from people : I was a college lecturer in biology/psychology for about 15 years, then went into Mental Health work as a Carer Support officer for a leading charity. Before this,and subsequent to my divorce, I looked after my two (now adult) children for five years,until attending a mature student.

    I write to you now as a transsexual woman (who is well-adjusted and ‘blends in’ well,both in facial looks and size/ physique as a ‘natural’ woman.

    Over the years,I have been subject to exactly the sort of harrassment described myself (I say this to you because it was an experience which was in stark contrast to my previous life as a male walking in town). I was even chased down the road very smart,young man who,when I told him I was married -just to get rid of him-then asked me if I was having a good sex life! One man used to actually follow me around town, once in the supermarket. Anytime he passed me on the street,he’d flick his tongue out and mutter soemthing I couldn’t quite hear. I found this behaviour quite disrespectful and intimidating. I have always dressed appropriately for my age and occupation, with minimum make up and knee length skirts,etc. (although,of course,none of this should matter). I have devised a ‘stand and hard stare’ policy, when safe, or just walk away purposfully when not. I feeling brave enough, I will just look him up and down. then sneer and walk away. That makes them feel just what they are-inadequate,cowardly and pathetic.

    I just thought it might be of help /possible interest to hear from someone who has always been infuriated at this kind of attitude towards women and also been on both sides of the gender divide.

    Good luck and best wishes to all on the project. Polly.

    (Sorry,I don’t have a website;please feel free to e-mail me!).

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