It took me weeks to work up the courage to tell the police about the groping part, as I was so ashamed.

New submission from Miranda

Apologies for a slightly long one but I hope to make an important point.

2 weeks ago I thought I would risk the 6 min walk home from the night bus after work. 99% of the time I get a taxi (costing me over £1000 a year!) because I know there’s a high chance I will be harrassed, scared or intimidated on my road. Half way home a man starts driving slowly next to me with the window down. “Hey!” I ignore him. “Hey!” I ignore him. “Hey! Give me your number!” I was scared and irritated, looked him straight in the eye and told him to f*ck off. Indignantly, I hoped. He looked pissed off, and told me f*ck off, you b*tch, and sped off down the road.

What worries me is that I used to get a LOT more of this kind of abuse when I was a young teenager. A man groped me and followed me for 6 weeks on my morning walk to school when I was 13. He would try to grab me, tell me I was beautiful, that he loved me. After an investigation and some excellent work by the Sapphire unit of the Met, he was arrested and sentenced to 18 months (and banned from living in East London).

My point is, when I was in my school uniform, I got far more unwanted attention. And I was less equipped for dealing with it – more scared, more intimidated, and more helpless. (Indeed it took me weeks to work up the courage to tell the police about the groping part, as I was so ashamed)

What on earth has this world come to when a CHILD feels like a target in her school uniform on her road? It made me feel like a prostitute, like I was walking naked. I’m aware that paedophilia is a whole different subject, but I’m not necessarily referring to that, as young boys follow the example of older men on the street. It’s important to remember that very young girls are facing this kind of abuse, without the confidence to “holla back”.