Lewd shopkeeper in Clapham

New submission from Morgan

I went into a keycutting shop to get a new set of keys and when I walked in, I made small talk with the man behind the counter. I commented on how they sold everything, from shoes, to keys, to condoms. He decided that it was then okay to spend the remainder of my time in there questioning how many condoms I go through in a week, wondering why I don’t charge for sex, and asking how much I would charge. As he handed me my keys he asked me where I live, and told me he’d send anyone interested in paying for sex my way. I stepped out of the shop looking for police, didn’t see any, carried on with my errands, then spotted some officers getting out of their police car, and asked if I could have a word. They obliged, I told them everything, and they headed straight for his shop. It gives me hope that the world will change for the better that the police were so quick to listen to me and react. Don’t be afraid to tell people, even if you think it’s minor. Someone will listen.