Portobello Road Pervert

New submission from Leonie

I went into this chocolate shop/cafe on Portobello Road in my lunchbreak at the beginning of February this year, ironically called Casa Nova. I went in and was being chatty with the male 60s-ish proprietor and two other women who were in there about what they recommended buying. The first comment the proprietor to me was ‘I think two weeks in the Caribbean would be good’..which I didn’t understand at first was related to me specifically, and said ‘I meant for eating?’. The women both left and he came round the counter and looked me up and down quite clearly and said ‘Yes, I think two weeks in the Caribbean would do very nicely indeed’. I laughed it off and said ‘Oh, I thought the holiday was just for me’..’Now what do you reckon about this brownie?’, pointing to it in front of me. He then put his left arm tightly around me, grabbing my body against his so that I couldn’t move. He took a piece of the brownie with his right and tried to put it into my mouth. I was so shocked and suddenly quite scared that all I could do was take the piece from his hand and say quietly ‘I can eat that myself, thank you very much’. With which he shouted ‘Oh, come on!’ as if to say, lighten up…I am too embarrassed to report this as it seems small, but I am concerned he has done the same thing to other women/girls and would be interested to anyone else has been touched/restrained by this man and whether he has tried to feed them chocolate against their will! Thanks.