What did I do to deserve this? Nothing.

New submission from Jas Dhillon

I was walking home at around 6.30pm down a busy road. As I walked past a young man he began whistling, when I ignored him he then said ‘Oi’, followed by ‘Oi baby, sexy’. At that point I had enough and told him to ‘F off’. Low and behold, an older woman who had been walking just behind him turned around and started having a go at me, telling me to shut up! She appeared to be his mother. I explained to her that her son had been harassing me but she just shouted at me more till I walked away. I was so upset when I got home, and was shaking. Considered calling the police to report it but didn’t see the point. This behaviour happens all the time in Manor Park and nothing is done, and police presence is close to nothing. And what did I do to deserve this? Walk home from work by myself not bothering anyone. So disillusioned.