In the end I left in tears

New submission from Ruth

I was sunbathing in a park wearing a hat and casual sundress, sitting on a blanket with my headphones on and reading a book. It was in a very secluded (and pretty!) bit in the no-dogs meadow area behind some trees. It could not have been more obvious that I wanted to be alone, but after about 20 minutes a group of guys came over and sat opposite me and started asking the usual inane questions, ‘Where are you from? From here? What are you reading? What’s it about?’… I had to take my headphones out, and I answered un-enthusiastically because I didn’t want to be rude, but said that I wanted to be left alone to read my book. Then they started laughing at me and yelling ‘Oh you’re not English, you’re too pale!’ (I am English)’You can’t be English, you don’t have an English accent!’ (I DO! – not that it makes any difference!) and then they got really mad at me for ‘lying’!!! They started being really abusive about how pale I was and telling me to put my ugly white legs away. In the end I left in tears.