New submission from Emilia

Midday: I was walking from the tube along a main road when I saw a cyclist change direction and begin riding next to a woman who was walking ahead of me. I saw her distance herself and thought I’d try and catch up just to see if she was ok.

As I got to them I could tell he was pestering her, and that he was a bit drunk (midday!). He had slowed his bike right down so he could ride alongside her, it was pretty threatening. I asked if she knew him and she said no so I politely told him that it was not ok to pester strange women in the street and that he should leave her alone.

He backed off instantly and said sorry to me and her, he then said ‘sorry darling’ to me and I told him not to call me darling, he apologised again and rode off. The woman was grateful and had found the whole thing quite unpleasant.

This might be the only successful time I have stopped harassment. I get harassed literally every single day in some form and I was pleased I could help out someone else when I wish anyone would stand up for me. It could have turned nasty though as it so often does. It’s disgusting how some men think they can treat women.