When I run with my husband I never get harassed.

New submission from Vera

I enjoy running, but every time I run alone, harassers in my neighborhood cause me to be on edge. I never know if I will get some kind of “funny” or sexist comment every time I run past a man or group of men. These comments startle me, interrupt my concentration, and make me angry and upset. Today I was running past a row of shops at a busy time of day. A man came out of a cafe, wearing an apron, and as I ran past him, I heard him say to me behind my back (thereby ensuring I would not have time to react): “hurry up!”. Did he think this was funny? It made me so angry I actually turned around when I realized how angry I was, hoping to run into him again so that I could tell him off, but of course he was nowhere to be seen. A couple of blocks later, a man, waiting for a bus, leered at me, smiling creepily, as I ran past him. I made a point of avoiding eye contact with him. I am so fed up with this that I am seriously considering moving to some other area of London where female runners are not harassed so much. Just because I am a woman running alone, some men believe it is OK to shout at me, intimidate me, say things to me behind my back, but loud enough for to hear, leer, stare, etc. I just want to be free from this harassment so that I can do my exercise routine in peace. Is that too much to ask? When I run with my husband I never get harassed.