“I like your hair like that, sexy, hey, excuse me, sexy.”

New submission from Lili
14/12/13 about 12:30 I got off my bus next to Euston Station and waited to cross the road so as to enter. Noticed this guy had followed me off the bus, he was mid 20s with olive skin and dark curly hair and a small toothbrush dirty beard he had a dark mac with the hood pulled up tight. He stood a small distance from me and would not stop staring. I gave this the benefit of the doubt wondering if he might just be looking at traffic but then as the light changed and we crossed the road he started going “I like your hair like that, sexy, hey, excuse me, sexy.” I was actually more interested in getting my headphones untangled at this point and wasn’t keen on letting this mug upset me so I sped up a little and went around the bus stopping area to enter the actual station but he also sped up and came to walk right next to me and stroked my arm going again “hey excuse me, sexy, you’re really sexy” at this point I said in a loud carrying voice “Stop following me! and why are you saying all those things at me? calling me sexy? Why are you following women about saying this kind of thing? Leave me alone! its creepy!” He muttered something inaudible and skulked away, so while I was rattled, I did feel very good about confronting him (thanks to all the amazing empowering things I’ve read on here and Tumblr’s incredible feminist blogs that have encouraged me to do so) Also as an after thought almost immediately after he had started to slither off two guys asked me if everything was OK and if he had been bothering me, so thanks random guys! 🙂