Our Good Night Out Campaign has a new website and is 69% funded

Good Night Out is the first ever coordinated national action around safety on nights out – calling on bars, pubs, venues and clubs to improve their safety policies by signing a pledge and undergoing staff training, with extra advice and support available. We have a brand new website here which tells you more.

Good Night Out has now launched nationally with regional organisers hard at work across the UK and Ireland in Sheffield, Edinburgh, Norwich and Norfolk, Bristol, Glasgow, Nottingham, Brighton, Galway, Limerick, and the Medway towns in Kent, with more cities signing up every day! Lots of these are existing Hollaback teams bringing GNO to their towns and cities.

Venues undergo specialist Good Night Out training thats practical and focussed on how to respond to harassment and avoid victim blaming, and displaying customised posters with the pledge:

Good Night Out London Poster

We’re now 69% of the way there with our crowdfunding. As an independent and unfunded campaign run by volunteers around the UK and Ireland and surviving on donations, we REALLY need this cash so we can make an impact in the coming year.

With this money, we’ll print customised posters, pay our graphic designer and web design volunteers, improve our website and maybe even be able to MEET some of our regional organisers instead of just Skyping! We’ll continue to build on our partnerships and push this issue right up the agenda.

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