Photographed by creep on the bus

New submission from Anna

I was on my way to work on the bus, sitting at the back where the seats face each other. I was chatting to my sister not watching what the other passengers where doing, but was suddenly aware that the guy sitting in front of me had held his phone level with my boobs and taken a picture. I went nuts, I stood up and pointed at him shouting that he was a pervert, I ran to the driver saying what had happened and pointed at the guy, I was very distressed. No one else did a thing, until he had ran full speed off the bus and then someone asked if I was ok. It was pretty clear I was not! It being clear that no one was bothered that this had happened, or even surprised, I walked to work and on telling a male colleague what had happened to me on the way in he replied ‘You should be flattered’. Maybe that’s what my fellow passengers thought too.

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