One of them proceeded to grab my butt.

New submission from Anonymous.

I left a club in Shoreditch and was walking to find another one around 2am. My friends and I were unsuccessful at finding one we liked, so we walked back to the club we originally started at, because our friend was working there and we wanted to meet up.

About a few yards from the bar entrance, my 2 other girl friends and I walked past a group of 4 men on the pavement. Nothing seemed suspicious but one of them proceeded to grab my butt. I am not shy when it comes to sexual harassment, so I turned around and asked who did it. None of them would admit to doing it, so I continued to tell them how disgusting they were and that if I knew who had done it, he would’ve been punched in the face (I was very mad). They continued to taunt me and my friends verbally, and one offered to take the punch, motioning at me like he wanted to fight, yet still, none of them would admit to the grab. I found security outside the bar and explained what happened but the guys were already down the street. I was so mad and disgusted, it ruined my night.