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Since 2010, Hollaback London has been fighting street harassment. Whether we’re collecting stories via our app and website, speaking on TV, running workshops or training venues through our now International Good Night Out campaign, we are passionate about ending harassment. We raise awareness how it affects women including LGBTQ+ people around the capital, promote bystander intervention and campaign for safer public space. And we need your help!

After years of working as two or three people, we’ve decided to assemble a collaborative collective to help take this message to the streets! Whether you have a few hours a month to support at events and do some tweeting, or you really want to get stuck in with our partnerships and projects, there’s room for you. You’ll meet amazing activists from around the world, there’s media work to be done, space to take up and skills to gain!

If you’re interested in gaining activist and campaigning skills, or you already have them and want to apply them to a very ambitious project that is part of a growing global movement, then we would love to hear from you about your ideas, experience and how much time you have to give.

We are committed to raising funds to pay people for their time wherever possible, but right now this work is all volunteer. Whenever we are offered donations we use this to pay expenses and buy resources.

We will have a meeting in June 2016 that brings everyone together to kick off this exciting new phase of the project.

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