“Give me your number anyway”

New submission from Laura.

This freaked me out slightly as it was the first time I’d been followed by someone. I was walking into the Sainsburys on Clapham high street when this guy fell in step with me and started asking how I was etc. He then followed me into Sainsburys and said he would like to come round with me “to get to know me better.” I told him I had a boyfriend and that it wasn’t really appropriate however he continued to follow me anyway. I was obviously uncomfortable with him being there and he continually kept asking for my number, insisting we had a connection and that we should see each other again. Eventually managed to shake him off by going down a busy aisle and snapping at him so other people looked round (no one helped though). Even after he left I saw him lurking round the supermarket a couple of times. It made me feel extremely vulnerable. Being new to London it’s not exactly what I needed in my first week here! [got_back]