Accosted on the bus

New submission from Amber.

I got onto a busy bus late in the evening at Elephant and Castle. Since there wasn’t much room I stood on the lower deck next the the stairs, and a man got onto the bus and stood next to me, in front of the stairs. The first time the bus stopped he moved towards me so it looked like he was just letting people off the stairs, but took the opportunity to press the front of his jeans against my thigh.

Thinking it might’ve been accidental I edged away, but he shifted nearer to me and did it again at the next stop, staring coldly at me all the while. Every time I moved and he followed his behaviour grew less subtle until eventually he firmly stroked his genitals across my leg and hip. At this point I squeezed through the crowd towards the exit and waited to get off, while he continued to stare at me. I was terrified he was going to follow me so hopped off at the last moment and fortunately he didn’t. I felt more angry than upset, though I know it will make me more nervous about travelling alone, and I’ve reported it to the police.