Assaulted for standing up for herself

New submission from Michelle

I got on the train to go home, and took a seat. The guy sitting behind me started to kick me – the back of my left foot (ankle). He did this a few times, and I stood up to ask him to stop. He said I had knocked him as I passed him, and I didn’t apologise. I said I hadn’t knocked him, and I sat back down, but he kicked me again. I stood up and said something along the lines of ‘you’re a grown man and you’re kicking me, please stop it’. I then said I would call the guard, and his response was ‘go on then’. I said a few choice, but not, very lady like words to him. I went to sit back down and he kicked at me again. That was it, I then went to move, as I did he said something I didn’t quite catch and I nudged/ sort of slapped him in the head (frustrated by the continuing kicks to my ankle). As I passed him he punched me in the middle of my back. Very hard. I can still feel it now as I write this. I went and found another seat and sent a text to the British Transport Police (text 61016 – it’s worth it). They were awesome, but unfortunately the guy had got off the train? Not to worry though, I gave a description and a statement. I was honest that I did stand up for myself when he kicked me, and that I had been verbal. However, as the policeman said, I was provoked, and more importantly he shouldn’t have been kicking me in the first place. I felt somewhat stupid going through it all, but I remembered my dad (who had 4 girls and no boys) who always told us to stand up for ourselves and not to take any crap. So I did stand up, as no one else was going to. It’s not the first time this sort of thing has happened to me, but it is the first time I’ve done something about it. And I do feel better for it. And if I EVER see it happening to others I will stand up.