Groped at Carnival

New submission from Anon:

I was at Notting Hill Carnival this weekend and had been having such a great time. I was wearing what could be described as “skimpy” clothing but I literally thought nothing of it because a) I have the right to wear whatever I want, b) because I was with a massive group of people and felt really safe, c) one of the people I was with was my boyfriend who was dancing with me and just near me the whole time and d) I have never had a shitty experience at Carnival ever. For most of the day everything was totally fine and as I was walking to another stage I felt someone grope my bum really bloody hard. I turned around and couldn’t see anyone who could’ve done it bar this group of guys, all of whom were walking away not saying anything, not even looking at me. I grabbed one of them and said ‘what the hell!!’ but they all looked at me like a crazy person and just kept telling me to chill out. My boyfriend, who’s generally great did absolutely nothing, and I was left feeling really frustrated and violated. I wanted to say to him, “why didn’t you do something?” but nothing would’ve been the right response and that’s what’s so unfair.