Spitting creep hanging out around Whitechapel station

New submission from anon

A few weeks ago I was waiting for my sister outside of Whitechapel tube, wearing sunglasses and headphones and standing by myself. Suddenly I was aware of someone up close in my personal space so I looked up (usually I avoid making eye contact while waiting as it more often than not results in an unwanted interaction) and this man muttered something at me. Obviously I couldn’t hear him with my headphones in so I just said “No!” and moved away. My sister arrived a few minutes later and we were waiting to cross the street and suddenly this guy is up close behind us again and he spat in my sister’s hair! For no reason, just ran up behind us and spat at her and then ran away grinning. I started screaming at him to get away and f*ck off while everyone around us just stared.

I saw him again today. He was throwing a newspaper up in the air repeatedly and wandering very close to other women waiting to cross the street (again, outside Whitechapel tube on Whitechapel High Street). Beware, ladies. If anyone comes into your personal space in this area move away immediately – he is gross and unpredictable.