Groped by passing cyclists

New submission from Nina

I was walking past the roundabout at just after midnight on a Friday night when three teenagers (judging by their voices) cycled past on the road. I didn’t think anything of it til I saw them circle round and cycle on to the pavement where I was, and two of them groped me, as they cycled past. I shouted at them to f**k off at which they laughed and cycled away. It was incredibly intimidating that they were on bikes and could appear and disappear really quickly. Something similar had happened to me last year -I was on the cross trainer at the outdoor gym in Wennington Green in broad daylight when a guy cycled past out of nowhere and groped me. He then circled round and did it again, and on his third circle beckoned me into the bushes. In both cases they were wearing hoodies so it was impossible to see their faces, and maddeningly impossible to be able to report them properly to the police…