Men thinking they can get away with anything

I was walking down the street, minding my own business. I hear what I can describe as a loud ‘fake orgasm’ scream, I turn around and I see three men in a car. Dark hair, in their mid or late 30s. I ask them “Are you serious?”. They stare at me and then laugh in my face. They start driving off, for as much as I was upset, I kept it cool, took my phone out and snapped a few photos of the car. I got home, called 101 and reported it. The photo turned very useful as I had registration number, car model and timestamp. I told the police I didn’t need for them to look into it further, but I just wanted the episode logged. The whole thing made me really upset and I ended up staying in even if I had plans to go out. If you experience anything similar and it’s safe to do so, do take photos or take notes straight away and do report the incident!