I’m not a decoration for your world

New submission from Miranda

I’m a Hollaback site leader in Oxford, yet every time I’m harassed I still feel shocked and annoyed with myself for not having amazing comebacks to whoever is harassing me. I was just at Baker Street station waiting for the tube. A man came over to me and said “Smile”. I took out my headphones and said “Sorry?” He said “Smile you look sad”. I said “I’m just sitting here, minding my own business”. He said “Okay”, and I stood up and walked away down the platform. Like yeah, This is my face. I’m listening to Serial (a podcast about a teenager who was murdered in 1999) and I’ve pulled a muscle in my back so I’m in pain. And I’m not a maniac who sits on a platform smiling into space. And I’m not a decoration for your world.