He was touching himself

New Submission from Anon

I was coming home from university today on the tube. An older man in his late 40s or 50s got on and sat directly opposite me. There were plenty of other seats available. I was three stops away from my destination and this part of the train was almost empty, there were around 3 or 4 people apart from me and him. He held his crotch until I got off. He was touching himself and opening and closing his legs very fast, with a newspaper in the other hand. He kept looking at me. I looked down and closed my eyes pretending to be asleep. I was tired and not in the mood. I opened my eyes a few times because I felt extremely uncomfortable having him there and wanted to stay alert. The other people were oblivious of what was going on. He wore grey tracksuit bottoms, dark blue socks and black plimsolls. I wore a long-ish red checkered shirt and black leather skinny jeans with black combat boots, nothing revealing…not that it matters, but I feel like I need to justify myself in this scenario. I didn’t pay attention to what he was wearing on top…I couldn’t look. Finally after what seemed like forever, my stop arrived, and the train was terminating at that stop too so we all got off. Apart from him, he stayed on the train, and when I got up ready to leave he covered his crotch with the newspaper, sighed loudly and smiled. I rushed off the train and out of the station, feeling embarrassed and humiliated. I have never been subject to that kind of behaviour, it’s usually catcalls and at most a brush of the shoulder. Of course all of these are wrong types of behaviour but the behaviour I unfortunately witnessed today left me feeling much worse than I have before. It’s absolutely appalling and needs to stop.