Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me!

New submission from Anonymous:

I was walking along the street, stopped to wait for traffic to pass when a man from the other side of the street ran through the traffic then followed behind me calling excuse me excuse me around seven or eight times. There were around thirty other people around, he did not pester any of them, he chose to target me. I ignored him, he ran across again in front of the traffic into a shop. I decided to cross the road, go into the shop and photograph him. I told the shop owner that this man was pestering me on the street, and I will be reporting him. He made an excuse that he just wanted to know the time (confession that he stopped me in the street), I called him out on this excuse, saying he had thirty other people to to ask, but he targeted me. I asked if the goods he was selling at the counter were stolen, the shop owner asked him to leave. I do not have to respond to any man pestering me on the street, and I will now report every single man who does this.