‘How was your weekend? Did you get lots of nice big willy?’

New submission from Jodie:

I was on my daily walk to Paddington Station after work, headphones in and walking quite quickly. A tall man between 40-50 years of age stood ahead in the centre of the pavement and started waving his arms about in the air looking directly at me, so I took out my headphones thinking he needed some kind of help. As I suspected, he asked me directions on how to get to Camden Town, not actually knowing for sure how to get there I suggested he turn back to the station and make his way from there.

He seemed then to really quiz me about the area and ask where all the closest tube stations were, which threw me off guard as I then started to think he had an ulterior motive; he sounded like he knew the area better than I did. Partway through me speaking he interrupted me with the question ‘How’s willy?’ so naturally I said err what? (not really quite believing what I’d heard) ‘How was your weekend? Did you get lots of nice big willy?’ I made a sound of exasperation, rolled my eyes and walked off, sticking my headphones back in, but heard him laughing at his own disgusting behaviour.

This made me feel embarrassed at first, and humiliated. I met my boyfriend on the train not long after and by this point my feelings had turned to anger, I was so p’d off that this man thought it was funny to stop a woman on the street and speak to her this way, and how many other poor girls had he done this to? I also became very worried that it could have been worse, and dreaded having to do my daily walk in case I bumped into the man again. Thankfully, however, I haven’t seen him since.

I contacted the police who organised an interview with an officer, I gave all the details and they were very supportive and took it very seriously which surprised me. I haven’t heard anything since and doubt they will have found the man, but I definitely think it was worth reporting and would recommend to anyone else in this type of situation if just for peace of mind.