“I am so tired of having this every day”

New Submission from Bella

Walking down the road, two guys behind me. One of them shouted ‘Hey sexy legs’. I turned round and shouted for them to Fuck off. (Maybe not the most calm response but I am so tired of having this every day.) One of the men proceeded to get EXTREMELY aggressive, saying it wasn’t him, I was a fucking idiot, do I think he wants to fuck me? Shouting, threatening me. Saying to get my daddy because he wanted to show me what he ‘really wanted to do to me’. I was saying, I know it was your friend. You can’t say those things to someone. All the while he was screaming that it was a problem between me and his friend, that he didn’t like being accused of saying things like that and that I was an ugly cunt etc. All the while his friend – who was about 80 as well – was laughing. He continued to shout at me as I was walking down the street and I was really scared.