More than 20 people in the immediate vicinity did nothing

New submission from Buffy:

I was standing at a bus stop, when a lady standing in front of me was yelled at for a couple of minutes by the man pictured. He stopped when a bus arrived and got on the bus. The lady did not get on the bus. I asked her if she was ok, she was scared, so was I. More than 20 people in the immediate vicinity did nothing. She did not know the man, I suggested she report the incident to the transport police, as we were standing at a bus stop. In my experience, the transport police take these things more seriously than normal police. This happened on the 12th February 2017. She did not know the transport police existed.

All the people standing around did nothing, assuming it was a ‘private’ domestic dispute, as if that is a reason for a man to behave that way. There is a lot of street harassment, low level aggression along this part of the Kilburn High Road.