Threatened to take my phone if I didn’t delete video

New submission from Anonymous:


My minicab driver did a u-turn and clipped the side mirror of his car with another car. He did the right thing and stopped to see if the other car was ok, there was no damage. Confirmed by the fact that the other car owner was not interested in exchanging insurance details. Nonetheless the other car owner was angry. I got out my phone and started recording because I didn’t know what was going to happen, I was worried for my driver and scared. The other car owner was intimidating my driver. Then the other car owner saw that I was recording. So, the other car owner threatened me and demanded I delete the phone recording. He stood at the car door for a more than a minute threatening to take my phone if I didn’t delete the recording. He would not let me out of the car
I jumped out the other side of the car and ran into a restaurant. It seems the security knows the guy who is threatening me and says he is a good guy. Seriously?

This is where I stand, no one is allowed to threaten me on the street or in a taxi, there is no excuse. None. The street is public space and I have a right and obligation to record or report any intimidation or harassment.