Sexually Assaulted in Night Club

Tonight I was going into the Alibi, a club in dalston, with several friends and was assaulted by a man pretending to be a bouncer. I had already shown my ID to one man, and then at the door a second man told me he had to search me. I asked him why, as he immediately started to feel my breasts, and then he turned me around in order to feel my bum. I asked him and the actual bouncer, who was right behind me, if he worked there and what he was doing, because I felt completely violated, but neither of them responded. I felt so frozen and scared whilst this was happening, and unable to question him, because the real bouncer had no response to this. Afterwards, I verified that he did not work for the club, and dragged him out of there myself. The actual bouncers had no reaction even when I told them. I was shaking and crying right afterwards, and so angry, at myself as well for not pushing him away sooner.