Lack of Bystander Intervention – Was he ashamed because his wife was there ?

One morning on my way to work in Hampstead near the Hampstead tube station, a man quickly walking behind me made an aggressive, furtive comment about my appearance. The man standing next to me turned to me and made what was supposed to be a funny comment about what the previous man had just told me.
When I gathered my courage and reached the man (that had made the funny comment) who by that time had crossed the crossing and joined his wife, I faced him about what he said and clearly explained to him that there is nothing funny about women being harassed in the street, and that is should NOT be a laughing matter. I warned him not to laugh about it again because it might cause pain and distress to the next victim.


If anything, I would’ve expected him to get angry and said he didn’t intend to be rude etc.
But no, he simply denied we had ever exchanged a word : “sorry , what happened ? No,that never happened. Have a good day.”


Was he ashamed because his wife was there ? That is not my problem