“Why can’t you take a compliment”

Walking back from a night in Vauxhall at 4am. It’s a 15min walk and I’d had 2 drinks all night so didn’t feel it was a risk. Guy on a bike approaches me and says “Your legs are banging”. I ask him “is there’s any need?” and he launches into the why can’t you take a compliment. After telling him where to stick his compliment he cycles ahead all the while shouting back that I need to behave. He then stops the bike 100m in front of where I’m heading and continues to shout. I walk up and past him while he’s like “You can walk past me I ain’t gonna do anything”. I keep walking and I get the usual period comments and get told I have a manly walk. Cause a sad little creep who hangs around on a bike by himself, follows girls and comments on them, knows all about being a man? I’d have loved to have pushed him off.