I suddenly felt a hand in between my legs

I was at a club with 4 of my guy friends in Shoreditch. There was this drunk guy running round hugging all of the women in the club from behind. I could tell that inside his mind he thought he was being harmless and had no intention of harassing anyone. Luckily none of the women, so far, had taken offence to it and many of them danced along with him.

I am someone who does not like to be touched by strangers, and unfortunately for him, he eventually made his way round to me later on in the night. I turned around and shoved him away, very hard, and shouted ‘f*** off.’ He looked back in total shock and walked away. I carried on enjoying myself with my friends (take note I was surrounded by 4 other men, and assumed I would be left well alone). I suddenly felt a hand in between my legs. Without even looking I swung my arm round and grabbed hold of the guy who did it. I pulled him down to my level and screamed, ‘If you ever touch me like that again I’ll phone the police so f****** fast’ then let go. I then saw the guy who had previously hugged me from behind was standing along side watching and laughing. I realised that they were friends and they had specifically targeted me after my last reaction. So I grabbed the guy again and this time said ‘ I know what you’re doing, I can see he’s your friend, I’ll phone the police, f*** off’ and I shoved him very hard away from me. He also looked terrified as I screamed at him.

My friends all stood there in in shock, mainly because they had no idea what they had just done to me, and secondly, I’m tiny, and they didn’t realise I could defend myself so aggressively. They shoved them away also after they realised what they did.

For the rest of the night I covered my behind with my clutch bag. I’m glad I was wearing jeans and not a skirt or dress. For the rest of the night, the guy who touched me between the legs glued himself to the bar and moved well away every time I passed. On reflection, I wish I had at least have told security to remove them. However, after my reaction I doubt they’ll ever pose a threat to a woman like that again.