Police Intervention

The house next door to my flat were having renovation work done to the interior and exterior of the property, which meant there were many different contractors on and off site throughout the time, all of which could not resist making comments.

On one occasion on of the builders was sitting on the wall alongside the pavement and another was sitting opposite on the curb of the road. As I walked past on my way to the tube, the man sitting on the curb whistles. I stopped, lifted up my sunglasses and asked ‘what was that?’ The mans mouth dropped wide open and I said, ‘yea, I thought so, I have the right to walk down my own road in peace thank you very much.’ I put my glasses back on and continued walking.

The next day, a different bunch on contractors had come on site. As I walked past them on my way home they shouted, ‘hey babe, come over here’ etc. So again, I stopped, but this time I rang 101, non-emergency police, and reported them while standing right in front of them so they could hear me.

The police came to take my report, where I told them that it is impossible for me to walk past them without them harassing me. I didn’t want to pursue any charges, but the police went round to the site and cautioned everyone who was working.