“The police came round and cautioned them”

There were builders working on a house next door to my flat and every time I walked passed they always had to make some sort of comment.

One day I got fed up. One builder was sitting on a small wall and another was sitting on the pavement when they whistled at me. I stopped, turned around, lifted up my sunglasses and asked ‘What was that?’ The guys mouth dropped wide open and I said, ‘Yea, I thought so, I have the right to walk down the street in peace’. I put my glasses back on my face and dramatically flicked my hair as I carried on walking to the tube.

The same day I was walking back to my flat and I had a different group of contractors shouting , ‘hey babe, come over here’ etc etc. So this time I stopped, got out my phone and rang 101 non-emergency police. I spoke to the police whilst standing outside so the builders could hear me. The police came round and cautioned them. From then on I walked past that site in peace.