“I was in pain and mortified”

I was walking to meet my boyfriend for lunch at a park, dressed in black trousers, a white top and black blazer. Coming in the opposite direction was a middle aged man with a golf umbrella. I was using my phone at the time but had spotted him ahead of me and knew where I was walking and that the pavement had enough space for the two of us to pass with no problem.

However, as he got within a foot of me he took a step towards me and thrust the end of his golf umbrella into my crotch with such force that I doubled over. I froze, fuming, and looked at him. I said “that wasn’t a mistake” half expecting him to say “sorry, sorry”, but he said nothing. I ended up with a bruise the size of a penny. How humiliating, in the middle of the work day, with people around. I had to leave work early as I was in pain and mortified by the whole thing.