“I said no”

Today was my first time to finish at 11pm. I was wearing a pair of red pants, a black t shirt and a black blazer, not even wearing makeup. I walked to the bus stop at Waterloo station, in front of KCL, and waited for the bus. Then a guy came and asked me if the bus stop was close because there was a van at the bus stop. I said no and told him the bus is coming in 5 min. Then he started to ask my name and walk close to me. I avoid him but he start to put his arm on my shoulder and force me to sit with him at the bus stop. I said no, stood up and walked away. He didn’t stop and say wanna be friend with me. I said no I wanna be alone and I want some spaces. He said I already got enough space and tried to approach me again. I stepped away and told him I wanna be alone. Then he accused me I am not friendly and touch my face and hair. I was so angry at that point I shout at him I don’t wanna be touched and it is not about being friendly or not. I have my right. Then he felt boring and some people were walking pass the street. So he went away. But I was so angry for it. I feel like my personal space has been invaded.