“apparently my face wasn’t as fine as the arse”

I was training for my second ironman, long bike rides and runs were the order of the day.
On one ride I decided to ride through town to take a circuit around the lake. It was hot and I was just in a cycle tee and lycra shorts.
I pulled up at some traffic lights on a busy stretch of road and a car of 20 somethings pulled up alongside me. I paid no real attention until I started hearing them talking about my arse. It was apparently quite nice, one wanted to slap it, another wanted to bite it and a third wondered if coins would bounce off if they threw some at me.
The lights changed and I went leaving them behind but they of course caught up and slowed down to toot and holler out the windows as they went past.
Unfortunately they hit the next light and so did I, where they continued this conversation about my body, apparently my face wasn’t as fine as the arse but in the dark they wouldn’t care.
Finally I asked if their mothers would be proud of the way they were talking, to which I got a chorus of yes and that I should be flattered.
The lights changed and I changed my route, didnt see them again.