Constant stalking and harassment and threats since 2011

Im a resident in Leeds West Yorkshire, since 2011 every aspect of my life has been ruined. These weren’t just things I didn’t do correctly, these were often other people ruining things.

It began at my university were I worked, students began to target me, talking behind my back, insulting me and ridiculing me. Got so bad I had to resign, than somebody set the back of my house on fire, I almost lost my life, than they set the neighbors vacated house on fire, than when I moved to London to study at UAL the students there, targeted me once again, harassing me each night knowing things I never shared online.

I was forced to transfer universities and guess what, it started there as well, without doing anything wrong, I was withdrawn from my degree. Between 2015 and now since my return to Leeds, I have been stalked and harassed through organised harassment. Most of the people harassing me at home and in the city center are young, might be students, they have turned it into a sick game. This city has a disturbing dark way to abuse, harm and harass people to death. I wonder if they have murdered any one in this town in this way.

The organised stalking and covert harassment, is difficult to spot by others, these b*******, will hack into your phone, computer and study you, they will find out what things are going wrong in your life, what upsets you, and use this to harass you and wind you up when they are near you, through noise nuisance, talking behind your back, following you around, cyberharassment. People are very intrusive in Leeds, computer hacking is a pass time here, the police are corrupt as well, they use local civilians often to participate. I had to report several officers for discrimination to the IPCC, they had it in for me there after and wanted me out of Leeds. I complained about some neighbors they joined in, one bloke kept stalking me every where when I asked him why he was filming me and stalking me, doing the odd shit around me, he said some police had asked him to, as they want me out but I haven’t done anything wrong so he could have been lying.

Just imagine, your at work, your on your day out with friends, up to 55 people are following you around, irritating you through different ways on purpose, at one point even the owners at Trinity Shopping center The Light participated asking their shops to insult and stop me from being able to shop in their stores. Why, perhaps the police asked or a man that I didn’t like in town asking others to harass me he has links with every one here. The student union even knew what was going on and made a joke, I have lost years to this, can’t find work now, I am sensitive to certain things now, having people doing the same repetitive harassing things around you for 3 entire years, each day does get to you, spoke to my doctor advised me to get the hell out of Leeds. A lot of students in Leeds are stalkers, they either shop here or stalk people targeting individuals to trouble them, its disturbing and has ruined and ended everything I had. I had to transfer from 4 universities to escape this.

I have not been able to finish my degree and have been struggling to find work now.