“You Look Nice” – Man Creeped Behind Me

I was walking into Mooregate tube station that has construction hoardings.

There is a construction site adjacent.

The corridor/passageway was empty as I entered the tube station.

A man creeped up behind me to deliver the message “you look nice”. I stopped walking and pretended to do a 180 turn which meant the man was forced to continue walking past me, thus not able to continue following me in a covert way.

I waited until he turned the corner, and there were other people in the passageway and then yelled at him that what he did was predatory and to never do that ever again to a woman walking alone.

This man took advantage of the fact that I was alone in a passageway to tell me his opinion of me.

He would not dare to do such a thing with people around. He tried to then offer a handshake to “apologise” , I told him he has no right to expect me to touch him after acting predatory. I told him he was being reported to the station manager.

At this point he decided to leave the station. Wondering why this is wrong? This man took advantage of the fact no one was around to impose his opinion on me from behind. What a total creep. His behaviour was simply predatory.