He shouted “you’re lucky you know”

I was walking to the underground station with my earphones on. I saw this guy, perhaps mid 20s. I walk past, minding my own business. I keep walking, then I see someone walking beside me and looking at me. I take my earphones out. He says “excuse me, didn’t you see me trying to talk to you”.
I replied “didn’t you see I wasn’t interested”.
He responded with “I was gonna ask you for directions you f****** sket”.
At this point, I do not want an overgrown child with a temper and no sense of personal space shouting at me, so I ask him “well where are you trying to get to?”
He replies “I don’t want to tell you now”, and I replied “well then don’t tell me” and I walked off. This entitled emotionally inept idiot then walks after me shouting “you’re lucky you know” – lucky that is isn’t hitting me? “Dumb s*** ” “sket” “f****** dumb b****”. I hope he never found where he wanted to go.