Man stopped to watch me at bus stop

So standing at a bus stop is an everyday occurrence and it is not unusual for people to look at each other at a bus stop. What makes this different? This man subtly blocked my path to walk behind the bus stop, thus I decided to walk in front of the bus stop.

Again, crowded bus stops are not unusual, so what makes this different? I intuitively turned around and noticed that he had not continued walking past the bus stop, but had stopped, turned around and was watching me.

Again, what makes this different? When I turned directly towards him with my body language, he decided suddenly that he was no longer “waiting for a bus”, but turned around and walked off immediately down a private laneway.¬† I have a right to report men with prowling body language towards me. Before everyone gets up in arms about men now not being allowed to “walk down the street” without getting into trouble, most men don’t do this. But the ones that do,¬†stand out, and women ignore it because they cant quite articulate what is going on.