Cycling harassment

Cycling into work, I was stopped at a traffic light amongst other cyclists (all males) and plenty of other people in cars walking around on their way into work too.
Two men walk past me and start slowing down, saying this to me and looking at me very suggestively and making me very uncomfortable. I look at them and they keep going, nudging each other (they clearly thought they’d caught my attention in a good way). Despite the presence of so many others around, no one batters an eye lid at these two grown men objectifying a young woman who is simply trying to get into work.

Knowing I needed to say something, but not really having the capacity in that moment to think of something powerful or clever, all I can say is ‘Fuck off’ as loud as I can. It’s not so much what these men did that bothers me, sadly I am all too used to men telling me to smile and say something about my appearance, but at that moment I felt vulnerable and alone. All men out there (and women actually), just tell these idiots to shut up and get a life and that they can’t do that. You don’t need to have daughters to feel that you can speak out either, just back us up or at least ask us if we’re okay.