Harassed for having short hair

I’ve had short hair for many years. I’m not trying to make any kind of statement, it’s just a practical decision – my hair is thick and heavy, and is difficult to control. Plus, I think short hair suits me. But some men seem to think that I choose to have short hair to undermine their masculinity, so they verbally abuse me for it. In train stations, on the tube, walking down the street, in parks. It’s happened all over London. But strangely, ONLY London. I’ve lived in other cities around Europe, and it never happened in other places.

“You’d look so much better with long hair”
“f*****g dyke must hate men”
“why are you trying to look like a man?”
“cutting your hair like that is self-harm, you must be one crazy b***h”
“I might want to f**k you if you sorted your hair out”
“what is it? Could be a bird, it has tits, but it has hair like a man. What the f**k is it?”
“why would you want to look like that? You might be alright if you had long hair”
“that’s no lady, that’s a man. Or an it, can’t tell. But it aint no lady” (said to his daughters)
“slut wants attention with hair like that”

All of that aggression because of my hairstyle.